How To Go Koh Khai Chumphon Thailand

How To Go Koh Khai Chumphon Thailand

  Location: Opposite of Bo Mao Bay, far from the seashore for 6 kilometers

Koh Khai Chumphon Thailand Koh Khai Chumphon

How to get there: When arrived at Bo Mao Bay, hire a local boat at Thalay Thong Seafood restaurant. It takes about 25 minutes from Bo Mao Bay to Koh Khai by boat.

Koh Khai offers its beauty both ashore ands underwater to travelers. Especially the shallow water corals, it is as stunning as found at Koh Lawa and Koh Lang Ka Jiew. The high season is during March-May.

Koh Khai Chumphon Thailand Koh Khai

Upfront of the island is the white sand cape, forcing the bay formation on the sides, right and left. The fine sand is soft, clean and serene. Dead corals are gathering on the sand, inducing the eggshell color. The left bay offering round and small rocks, clear water and school of fish, villagers like to fish here.

There is no lodging, freshwater and restaurants on the island. Travelers must prepare them from the main land. If travelers desire to stay overnight for a private camping, Thalay Thong Seafood restaurant can provide tents, fresh food and water, equipment and a guide for them.
Koh Khai Chumphon Thailand

The white sand beach upfront is perfect for swimming. Only 50-meter away following the buoy line, travelers can appreciate the shallow water corals including plate-like corals, brain-like corals. The varying fish including cartoon fish, parrot fish, sea hoarse and squid are all around. The tall cliffs in the rear are the scuba diving spot to enjoy colorful corals as beautiful as found at Koh Ngam Noi and Koh Ngam Yai.